In the spirit of working openly, this area of the site contains documentation about the project to help current and potential contributors to understand the background and goals of the project.

Planning documents

Draft Open Canvas for the project
This is a one-page overview of the project, based on the Open Canvas template from Mozilla’s Open Leadership Training Series.


This project wouldn’t have been possible without the support and inspiration of a large number of people and groups.


Software Sustainability Institute
Enabled this project to get off the ground through their Fellowship Programme, providing training, a network, moral support and a small amount of funding. Jez Cope was awarded an SSI Fellowship as part of the 2020 inauguration.

Inspiration & prior art

The Carpentries
An inspiring example of a successful and inclusive community built around teaching essential programming & data skills to researchers (and, more recently, librarians), championing the development of teaching skills. Particularly notable for its robust and forward-thinking approach to equality, diversity and inclusion.
Open Life Science programme
An offshoot of the Mozilla Open Leadership programme aiming to help “individuals and stakeholders in research to become Open Science ambassadors”.
Programming Historian
An initiative to “publish novice-friendly, peer-reviewed tutorials that help humanists learn a wide range of digital tools, techniques, and workflows to facilitate research and teaching”, the Programming Historian provides a wide range of peer-reviewed self-study lessons on a range of programming- and data-related topics. It’s driven and maintained by a huge community of volunteers.
Alan Turing Institute Humanities & Data Science interest group
A small group that has been meeting regularly (first face-to-face and then via video conference) to discuss data science topics of interest in the Humanities.
GLAM Labs community
Brings together innovative “Labs” teams in galleries, libraries, archives & museums around the world to share experience of experimentation in the sector.


In January 2020 Jez Cope was awarded a Software Sustainability Institute Fellowship, to kickstart a cultural heritage data science network at the British Library.

Watch the Fellowship application video

Historical documents

“Pre-COVID” one-page project brief
Now sadly rather overtaken by circumstances, but gives an idea of the original goals of the project.