This is a one-page overview of the project, based on the Open Canvas template from Mozilla’s Open Leadership Training Series.


Data analysis in non-technical organisations is a lonely business: it’s hard to network, learn about good practice and develop as a professional, which makes it hard to stay excited and motivated.

Cultural Heritage “data” sources and techniques are much richer and more diverse than many data science professionals are used to, and have unique challenges


Build a network that offers opportunities to talk to and learn form others across departmental and organisational boundaries.

Unique Value Proposition

Connect with and learn from other data producers and users in a Cultural Heritage-inflected setting

Key Metrics

  • No. network members
  • No. orgs represented
  • No. learner-hours delivered
  • Active engagement by members
  • Value experienced by members

Contributor Profiles

  • Analysts in finance, BI, marketing
  • Digital Humanities Researchers
  • Metadata & cataloguing analysts

Contributor Channels

  • Word of mouth
  • Staff emails
  • Social media
  • Training events through HR channels

User Profiles

Anyone in the BL and/or CH sector with an interest in using data

User Channels

As for Contibutor Channels above.

Resources Required

  • Spaces/channels for communications (especially online now)
  • Funds to pay for external speakers

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