Thanks to everyone who expressed a preference for days and times to meet. By far the most popular slot was 4pm (UK time) on Mondays, and I’ve arbitrarily picked the 2nd in the month, so the first of these will be 4pm BST (3pm UTC), Monday 13 September.

As a reminder, we will be using the Lean Coffee format to decide the agenda on the day: I’ll open a board for suggestions the week before, and then items to discuss will be voted on at the start of the meeting by the people there: the top few will get a 10ish minute timeslot for discussion. So get your thinking caps on, and make sure you’re subscribed to the announcements list to get details of the ideas board and how to join the meeting.

The dates and times for the rest of the year (don’t forget the change to standard time if it affects you!) should be:

  • 4pm BST (3pm UTC), Monday 11 October
  • 4pm GMT/UTC, Monday 8 November
  • 4pm GMT/UTC, Monday 13 December

There’s an online calendar with these dates that I’ll add other events to as they’re planned. You should also be able to subscribe to this calendar in your preferred calendar app: