The big thing that’s been missing from this site so far is an overview of what I’d like the next few months to look like, so this post is an attempt to fix that! Right now we’re in the “Launch” phase below, but after that it will be time to plough ahead, run some events and really start to figure out how to make this work for everyone.

Don’t forget, we need help to get this thing off the ground!

🚀 Launch: March – June (Q1–2)

Brainstorm ideas; plan activities; build a core team
  • Encourage people to join communication channels (mailing list, chat room) and discuss their own needs & ideas
  • Run small planning sessions/discussions to plan launch workshop
  • Run public launch workshop: gather input from current and potential community members about needs/wants, barriers, and ways to address those
  • Brainstorming session as part of IDCC Unconference
  • Develop online presence & promote network as opportunities arise
  • Shared vision of the community, developed by the community
  • Flexible programme of activities for Q3–4 sketched out
  • First 1–2 activities scheduled and planned for July/August
  • Good growth in engagement with mailing list, chat room & GitHub

🌱 Grow: July – December (Q3–4)

Run activities; bring in new members; collect feedback
  • Plan and run activities as mapped out in “Launch” phase
  • Encourage and facilitate members to engage outside scheduled activities (asking questions, sharing ideas and interesting resources)
  • Run a tight feedback loop, feeding feedback from each activity into future activities
  • Continue to reach out to potential new members
  • Broadly positive feedback from network members
  • Activities run roughly monthly
  • Members learning from, enjoying and engaging with network activities
  • Members connecting with each other and developing a supportive community
  • Continued growth in engagement

✏️ Review: December (year end)

Process feedback; refine plans for 2022
  • Run a retrospective workshop for 2021
  • Review feedback from 2021 & draw up plans for 2022
  • Some sort of year-end party/social event? 🥳
  • Report (blog post?) on first year of operation
  • Schedule of activities for first half of 2022 sketched out
  • Everyone’s hard work publicly recognised and appreciated